Agen judi casino – Torino Ready To Release Cerci

Agen judi casino – Torino Ready To Release Cerci – Torino will be as strong as possible trying to maintain Alessio Cerci from various other pursuit squad. However, if indeed the player wants to leave, then the club would not be able to withstand and also willing to release their flagship winger it.

The players had also been playing with a very charming in the last season with Torino and also to successful to make the squad coming from Turin that escapes into the arena of the European League. She gave birth to 13 pieces of goals and also a matching duet with Ciro Immobile who gave birth to as many as 22 goals.

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Slick game that was also made immortal Cerci kissed by some big squad in Europe. Then it looks like he will be following in the footsteps of Immobile who had already gone to the Borussia Dortmund. Cerci was also now being heavily linked with the Atletico Madrid are still looking for a striker or attacking midfielder also again to accompany Mario Mandzukic. Not only the Atletico Madrid alone, and also there is the AC Milan and AS Monaco.

However, due to the player wants it to compete in the Champions League, then the Atletico Madrid also managed to be the main candidate to be able to get autographs from players that can also compete as a second striker, which was also the club’s management must prepare funds in the figure of 20 million euros.

Although it would be trying very hard to get hold of former AS Roma player was not going to leave, but the Torino itself would be invited to leave Cerci if indeed he wants it. Urbano Cairo Torino who is the president said had been foretold by the United States some time ago that he wanted the players to stay in the team, but Cerci was also to be so. They will not be able to resist if the player wants to go. agen judi casino

Agen Bola Terpercaya – Old Lady Felt Need Extra Striker

Agen bola terpercaya – Old Lady Felt Need Extra Striker – Juventus decision to bring Patrice Evra gained praise even though the players are not young anymore. However, a case that is currently considered to be an urgent need to bring the Juve striker again.

Juve until now this has got five strikers in the summer. They are namely Evra, Alvaro Morata, Roberto Pereyra, Kingsley Coman, and also that the total Romulo has spent in the figure of 23 million euros.

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The total was also still under the AS Roma are believed to be serious challengers Juventus next season. Rome in total has spent in the figure of 28 million euros to six players. One of the most prominent Juan Iturbe who has spent 22 million euros.

However, Juventus were also still get compliments on their decision to bring Evra. With a squad that is considered to have established in the past three years, the arrival of the former Man United’s coach had also been considered to give a boost to the players.

A case is considered still to be resolved by the Juventus striker problem. Today, architects Allegri was only three pure striker just inside Morata, Carlos Tevez, and also Fernando Llorente.

However, given that Morata will be sidelined at least until September to come, the club itself was also felt the need to bring another striker. So that has been expressed by the former Parma defender as well as the Italian national team Benarrivo Antonio.

He said that had been foretold by the Football Italy some time ago that Juan Iturbe was one of the very good purchase, but he also will not look down on Evra in the Juve squad. He is one of the wing defender with tremendous experience and is also able to improve a squad that has had an exceptional basis. agen bola terpercaya

Agen Bola – Kaka Be More Mature Because Mourinho

Agen Bola – Kaka Be More Mature Because Mourinho – Ricardo Kaka, one of the Orlando City midfielder judge that he does not fail when playing for the Real Madrid. He was also thanked coach Jose Mourinho, who is currently caring for Chelsea.

Kaka said that his career at Real Madrid did not fail. He competed in 120 times, gave birth to 20 goals, and also played an average of 30 times in each season. He also won the title, the League Cup, Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup. Kaka himself competing for the period 2009-2013 Madrid in the past. previously, he played for the Sao Paulo in the 2001-2003 and 2003-2009 AC Milan in the last preformance.

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At the end of June 2014 ago, Kaka activate the release clause because Milan did not successfully transform and ended the season in the Champions League and then leave for Orlando City. Inside this July, Kaka moved to the Orlando City with loan status. As long as he was in Madrid, Kaka obtain a better chance to play after the club was taken care of by Jose Mourinho.

Kaka said some time ago that Mou is a person who has helped him evolve, patience, struggle and also respect the decision of the coach. He also learned to be respectful to the coaches, their decisions and also make the whole thing to be able to make it to see that he can play.

That is what he did for three years in collaboration with Mou for this. It was also helped him to be growing up and also in the phase that it evolved from the children to become more mature. What happens with Mou is a very heavy period.

Additionally Mou went from Madrid after failing in bringing the club title. According to reports circulating in Spain during this time, Mou went from Los Blancos due to be considered by the club’s management gave birth to a split within the ranks of their players. agen bola